Tinne Albrechtsen


I was introduced to playing baroque music already as a child, as the music school orchestra I grew up in had baroque music as its core repertoire. I later began exploring early music repertoire during my professional studies at The Royal Danish Academy of Music. I have always been very curious, and drawn to exploring many different genres, especially those that include improvisation. The instrument and approach used in early music felt so familiar to me, but it was only after completing my modern violin studies that I had the opportunity to systematically collect knowledge and experience, fully specialize in the field, and finally take a Masters degree. I found the baroque violin, with its sensitive, crispy, sonoric gut strings, and the flexible baroque bow with all its agility, liberating. What I particularly enjoy in performing baroque music is the freedom of spontaneous expression and movement, gesture, colours, all eternally in balance with, and in contrast to, the frames of harmony and dance phrase structures. When I play with Camerata Øresund, I find the delicate, highly nuanced and sensitive way we communicate and create the music together especially rewarding. It is one of many reasons why being a part of CØ is so valuable to me. I have performed with many established orchestras. I have always been particularly devoted to chamber music, and have therefore performed in many different constellations, with many different kinds of instruments, from late rennaissance/early baroque and onwards to contemporary repertoire. I find, that each single collaboration broadens my horizon and hightens my understanding.

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